Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hello - I'm Back!

So I've not been on here for a little while. I've written two articles about tea instead. One about the tea story as a bit of an introduction to people about tea, its history and its role in society both in the East and West. The another article is about Red Tea (or here in the UK we'd still call it black tea, our red tea is not actually tea at all!) Apparently Tom's favourite tea is a red tea called Dian Hong, I was excited to find this out because I was drinking that when I visited Prague at the beginning off the month.
When I submitted it I was rather scared about how it would be received, I haven't written a thought out constructed articles in about 18 years! I can't believe the reaction I got "Oh my goodness, Sue! I'm stunned into speechlessness! So much information about tea ( I feel privileged for being the first one to read this ) and such beautiful writing! The two articles are an absolutely enjoyable and informative read! We're so lucky for having you on the team! I already have layout ideas floating around my mind! 
I really need a moment to sit back and digest the sheer brilliance of what I've read. There were so many things I didn't know, and you've included historical information and quotes, and that's just ------- my mind is blown away. Wow. That's all I have to say. "
Well you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  I just everyone else reading them enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!
Sooooo, I decided to do some research about Chateau Dobříš a place I visited when I went to Prague, and write an article about that too. It's a Burketeer magazine, so they're going to want to know about a building that was used for The Musketeers, aren't they?! So I've written the article and today I've been shown the page layouts and they are amazing. This is such an enjoyable experience, I do hope that people enjoy the magazine and this will continue.

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