Friday, 12 June 2015

End of an Era

So, finally it's my last day at work! I've spent 18 years here, and it's such a strange day/feeling. Most of my colleagues left weeks ago, just 7 people seeing the closure to the end! What was once a lively bustling office of more than 60 people, reduced to 7 people making sure everything has been wiped from their computers, and no files remaining on shelves or in drawers.

We had a quick lunch together and said our goodbyes, and to be honest I felt quite deflated. All those years of hard work, reaching breaking point and doing things that were never part of my contract and not a thank you, kiss my ass or anything from those in management. I really wish I could name and shame the company, but I need my redundancy money so I'm keeping quiet, but it shows just how little corporate companies think of their staff.

Such a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. Last night I was at the theatre watching The Homecoming by Harold Pinter. It was a great little play, although one of the actors forgot his lines and couldn't hear the person in the wings shouting them out to him! Still we're all human and id didn't detract too much. Today it's saying goodbye to an old life and hello to a new one, whatever that might be.

On a happy note, when I first arrived in the office, fresh from university, I saw this gorgeous old bookcase in the managers office. I always coveted it. When we were leaving, we were told we could take anything we wanted within reason. I asked, and got my antique bookcase. (Apparently it was destined for the skip!) I'm sure once it has been French polished it will look amazing. Good things come to those who wait eh?!

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