Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Romeo, Romeo...

Been to watch Romeo and Juliet in Chester Grosvenor Park. Went with my friend and we had a picnic complete with Prosecco. Was a great night, the play was performed outside, so I'm so pleased the rain held off. I guess it's Chester's version of The Globe, creating a circular "stage" area underneath the stars!

Just a nice night to spend catching up with a friend whilst watching some really good acting. I love Romeo and Juliet, and each production has its own interpretation of the text which is so interesting. I bought a book recently called Pronouncing Shakespeare. It's all about an experiment conducted at The Globe to perform R&J in the Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare's time, rather than the RP we are so used to. I can't wait to read the book, but gutted I didn't see the actual performance. (And guess who was playing Romeo in that production? Yep of course, Tom Burke take a bow!)

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