Saturday, 12 September 2015

It's my birthday!

Well it was yesterday in actual fact but the less said about it the better. Went to National Trust garden, stopped off for a cuppa and had WiFi! Yay!!!! Had loads of lovely tweets of people, many with corresponding Tom Burke pictures which MADE MY DAY!!! Best of all though was I got a Happy Birthday tweet from the producer of the show Jessica Pope. So kind of her because she doesn't know who I am, and she's a very busy lady, so I was really really cuffed to get it. No-one I was with could understand my happiness so I got told to put my phone away.

HELLO - it's my birthday I should be able to do what I want. Anyway, we end up at cousins house, I think we're having a curry over there, or no, me and other half are going for a meal. (Previously when it had been mooted I had said no) So we go for a meal which was lovely, but then he says the place isn't that special. I disagreed saying I liked it, then got told "can't I just agree for once?" Well no, not really, not when I think the place is nice, and when do we go anywhere post for food. Must have blinked and missed that trip to The Ivy then!!!!

I was so p'd off I didn't have pudding. So it's my birthday and no cake and no pudding, and a bunch of arguments. Remind me to spend next year on my own, it's got to be easier! Oh and to make myself a cake!!!!!

Today I am at a wedding. There's WiFi in the church, we are well early and I'm making the most of technology to moan and Tweet! Getting disgusted looks off the other half, past caring, phone will go away when bride turns up, who incidentally is running late!

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