Saturday, 3 October 2015

Back again

It's dark, it's 4am and I'm making the now familiar trip to Manchester airport. To think how much I used to hate flying and the amount of drugs I needed in my system to get from a to b. I can't say I enjoy flying, to me it is just a means to an end, but I am proud that not only am I functioning enough to get on a plane, I'm doing it on my own. No moral support anywhere, just me and an overwhelming desire to get to my destination!

Got the bus/metro from the airport and got off at Staromestska and made the short walk to my apartment. My apartment! I normally stay in hotels, so this is going to be interesting! It's gone 11:00 and check in is not until 2, but I've been told I can drop my bag off which is fantastic news. Bag dumped (I travel lightly) the first call has to be to my favourite tea shop, Dobra ńĆajovna. I've been up for 7 hours now, I need a really strong cuppa, and that's what I picked,  a pot of Zhu Ye Pu Er Cha, don't think it's the strongest, but it will do! It's like treacle as it pours out of the pot. Just what is needed!

Time to wander up to M&S and treat myself to some nice food and then wander back to the flats to stock of my surroundings for the week. The flat is lovely, huge doors to an entrance hall, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and spacious lounge/dining room. Oh this will be nice for the week, only unlike a small hotel room, I realise that all this space had suddenly made me feel quite lonely. How bizarre! I didn't notice that feeling last time, but then I was either out and about, or stuck in a hotel room. Not sure if the idea of an apartment is so good now, I am here on my own.

Time to get a grip of myself and do what I do best. Go for a walk, get my bearings back. I have a map with me, but I'm pleasantly surprised that very quickly I know where I am, I know where I'm heading, and I don't need my map out. With my confidence restored, it was time to take a few snaps around town and get back to enjoying the city!

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