Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chasing Musketeers!

Oh I have the bug now! Going round the chateau yesterday has made me want to view more places that the series has been filmed at. When I went to the Strahov Monastery last year, I went because I wanted to see the fresco ceilings. Now I've visited somewhere with another fan, and we've looked at where different episodes have been filmed, I'm now compelled to look at what the differences are between what we see on TV and what is really in front of you.

Thought for the day. Am I having a midlife crisis, or just resuming my old enthusiastic and somewhat nosey outlook on life?! (I think it's the latter!)

Well today I am heading off to the Convent of St Agnes. I say head off, but it's only around the corner from my hotel. Once there I realise that there are two art exhibitions being shown, and there is no way my befuddled brain can cope with them both, so I decide I will break the convent visit into two. I will do the upstairs exhibit today, and the downstairs one tomorrow!

Today's exhibition is religious iconography in art. An interesting visit which took me over two hours to get around. Somewhat disappointed that I didn't really see much of the Convent, or places where filming had taken place, but the exhibits were interesting.

As it was a nice day, I decided to head for a late picnic lunch in the park and read for a bit. Nice thing about Letna Park is you can buy a beer there for about 80p and take it with you to where you want to sit and eat! After the tea shops, I think the park is probably my next favourite thing about Prague!!!

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