Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hello Old Friends!

I find it truly hilarious how much trouble can be caused by seeing old friends!  I was invited over to a former colleagues house for a cuppa, some cake, and a chat to see how things have been since we left "The Bank" in May. I was invited and so were three others.

It was great catching up, and the day just flew by. We had a cuppa and a chat, then we donned our coats and started a nice walk through the small country lanes of West Kirby until we reached the pub, where we had a nice pub lunch. After lunch we walked down to the sea front and walked around the boating lake. It was such a lovely day, and walking always helps people chat a bit more freely, so it came as a real surprise that it was getting dark and that we'd all been together for about 6 hours! It only felt like 2 or three hours had gone by.

Anyway, I made the fatal mistake of posting on Facebook that it was really nice catching up. Cue posts and messages from people who hadn't been invited. I know it's horrible to be left out, but only a finite number of people can turn up to someone's house, plus I wasn't the one doing the inviting! That old adage is soooo right. There's nowt as queer as folk!

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