Thursday, 1 October 2015

I might be going back on Prague

Oh OK, I AM going back to Prague1 I am in need of tea and some peace. I know I'm not working, but I am doing a lot of creative projects, and they need to be finished, and I don't seem to get much done at home as I always end up with cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing... the list goes on... taking precedence!

So, I decided that if I could do drawings for the Burketeers charity, I could set up my own account and get some artwork on Redbubble for myself. Then I could do some drawings for me, and in due course donate some drawings to the charity again. Well it's not going well. I have some "literary scrabble" boards I've created, but I need to "artify" them before they go online.

Then I have started 5 drawings of Tom and Aramis, but not finished them.

I also decided that I would read all of the plays Tom has been in, and then write a poem for his Xmas card which we are sending him (deadline end of October).

I've also promised the magazine a number of articles, I have thought about what to do but have I started writing? No I haven't!

So, tomorrow I am heading off to Prague to work at all of the above. And to drink tea. Lots of tea. I am going to be daring and try some new places. And yes, I am heading out there on my own again, only this time I will have an apartment, and I'm going to try to be a local!!!!!

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