Thursday, 19 November 2015

New Designs on Red Bubble

Things have been a bit quiet on here because I've been trying to get a few drawings done before Comic Con on Sunday!

I have drawn a picture of Queen Anne for Ali Dowling to sign, and I'm torn as to which drawing of Tom I should subject him to signing!

Whilst doing these sketches I had an idea that all of the Musketeers appeal to different people, so I have done a drawing of each of the Musketeer characters in their series 3 costumes, in a traffic style warning triangle with the narrative "causes palpitations". Click on the link to take a look!

I've also started on some fabric designs for scarves and skirts, so two floral designs have been done. A third was done but it didn't show up very clearly, will have to rework that one!

Ali Dowling as Queen Anne - The Musketeers
I'm also feeling a bit guilty for not adding anything to the Burketeer shop, so I've done this All For One Shield! Let's hope it's good enough for the site!!!

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