Monday, 30 November 2015

Thermal Spa :-)

A very quick post tonight because I am too relaxed to think or do anything!

As I'm in Bath, the least I can do is follow in past Roman footsteps and take to the thermal spa!

Now I am no water baby, I can't swim. I have had lessons, the longest period was three years and still the lower half of my body refuses to float in a horizontal manner! I still remained resolutely vertical in the water, perhaps I should donate myself to medical science as the only girl in the world to have an inability to float. Anyway, not going to be put off by that, so I made my way to Bath's Thermal Bath Spa.

I spent three hours popping in between steam rooms/pods, each filled with a different aromatherapy experience which was fantastic! Sinus cleared with the menthol block, I headed up to the roof where there is a huge pool to float(!) or swim (?) in. On one side there was a water fountain that gushes down your back, and the other side turns into the biggest Jacuzzi I've ever sat in. It was amazing, and then I found there was a bench submerged in the water which made the experience even more relaxing!

There was also a pool at the bottom of the complex, I thought I'm here best experience it, but as a non-swimmer it'd be rubbish, but actually that was good fun too. I found a "pool noodle" what the heck? I think by now I was so relaxed I was happy to try anything, and OMG, I was floating, admittedly still in a vertical manner, but I did manage to "swim" a few metres, first time in a pool where I've moved without my feet on the bottom of the pool. Maybe this is where I've been going wrong. Swimming shouldn't be taught in freezing cold miserable pools, it should be taught in thermal bath spa's!!!

Anyway, here's a link to the place. If you want treatments I suggest you book early, the place gets very busy! But if you're in Bath, it's something you really shouldn't miss (hmmm wonder if the cast of Dracula tried it out whilst they were there?!)

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