Monday, 7 March 2016

New Designs Available at Redbubble

I've been away doing a bit of designing, hence no new posts recently!

Everywhere I look people are wearing scarves or t-shirts with skulls on them. My love of horses and the "darker" themed books I have been reading of late inspired me to do a design entitled Horse Apocalypse. The design features a horse skeleton looking into and away from an abyss. The design is open to interpretation, the word apocalypse comes from the ancient Greek and means a revelation or the discovering of knowledge, so perhaps the design is not as bleak as one first imagines!

Spring is on the way, well meteorologically speaking it is! I have done a bright and jazzy daisy print design which works best on clothing. So if you want a bright jazzy pair of leggings, or a new skirt for the summer, check out the 5 Daisy Chain designs. If you want the design on a different coloured background, please contact me via the comment button and I can amend the design for you!

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