Thursday, 24 March 2016

# Reasons to be Happy! Part 2.5! and The Magus on BBC Radio 4

Funnily enough going to bed squiffy in the early hours, and then getting up a couple of hours later to get the train home meant I was not feeling very lively on the Sunday!  The one thing that kept me going however was that Radio 4 would be starting their serialisation of The Magus in which Tom plays the lead character, Nicholas Urfe.

I lay down on the sofa with cold tea bags on my eyes and listened intently. It is a great dramatisation and I was pleasantly surprised at just how much Tom is in it. He narrates the piece as well as playing the part of Urfe, so that is a lot of Tom to listen to. I do hope Radio 4 see sense and release it on CD.

And so endeth the Burkeathon weekend, roll on the next one!!

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