Sunday, 21 June 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic

So I've been unemployed for a week. I have had a good clear out of wardrobe and drawers that has needed doing for absolutely ages. I feel cleansed and rather pleased with myself that I didn't revert to lazing in bed all day. Also started tackling the garden/jungle. Anyone would think I live here on my own, although in all honesty I might as well do. Unless it can be done on the computer, or in the computer room, the shadowy presence that resides here in this house won't do it!

So yesterday I saw a former work colleague for a spot of lunch. Neither of us know what we want to do as a next career move, I only know I don't want to go back to finance! So we decided, that whilst we were thinking hard about our future, we should probably use our newly found time to great advantage... yes we are going on holiday. I love art and architecture, so we're off to see the works of Gaudi in Barcelona. I say we're off, we need to find a hotel and decide when we're going, but the plan is in motion!

As I was eating I was amused to find that my cutlery had the word Utopia stencilled on it. I couldn't stop laughing, Tom Burke had been in an episode of the great TV series Utopia! Can I find a connection to him through everything? Well I suppose if you try hard enough you can find a connection to anything if you want it to!

Today I have gone to visit a colleague who I sat opposite to. She collects teddy bears. Not your run of the mill children's bears, artist bears. These things cost hundreds. She used to bring a different bear into work everyday. Some people would laugh at her for doing it, but she never appeared to care, and it never stopped her bringing a bear in. Good for her I say. Funny how I actually miss seeing the bears! Anyway, today I was to meet all of the bears in their home.

Oh my God it was amazing! It was like entering a different world. Everything is arranged so beautifully. Thought has been given to placing bears of the same colour palette together. Bears have their own furniture to sit on, I was astounded. I know it sounds as though she is bonkers, but seriously, it could be opened as a bear museum it has been done so professionally, with proper thought and consideration to making sure everything looks as though it should be there. I particularly loved the Teddy Bear Picnic. Bears sat on a rug with a miniature tea set, and the tiniest packets of Walkers crisps for them to eat. These things were smaller than a postage stamp, yet you could still read what flavour each packet was. It was just brilliant!

I would post pictures, but this is her home, and not for me to share.

Friday, 12 June 2015

End of an Era

So, finally it's my last day at work! I've spent 18 years here, and it's such a strange day/feeling. Most of my colleagues left weeks ago, just 7 people seeing the closure to the end! What was once a lively bustling office of more than 60 people, reduced to 7 people making sure everything has been wiped from their computers, and no files remaining on shelves or in drawers.

We had a quick lunch together and said our goodbyes, and to be honest I felt quite deflated. All those years of hard work, reaching breaking point and doing things that were never part of my contract and not a thank you, kiss my ass or anything from those in management. I really wish I could name and shame the company, but I need my redundancy money so I'm keeping quiet, but it shows just how little corporate companies think of their staff.

Such a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. Last night I was at the theatre watching The Homecoming by Harold Pinter. It was a great little play, although one of the actors forgot his lines and couldn't hear the person in the wings shouting them out to him! Still we're all human and id didn't detract too much. Today it's saying goodbye to an old life and hello to a new one, whatever that might be.

On a happy note, when I first arrived in the office, fresh from university, I saw this gorgeous old bookcase in the managers office. I always coveted it. When we were leaving, we were told we could take anything we wanted within reason. I asked, and got my antique bookcase. (Apparently it was destined for the skip!) I'm sure once it has been French polished it will look amazing. Good things come to those who wait eh?!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reading whilst the sun does shine!

Oh I love a lazy start to a Saturday. Sat in the garden and read "Tango a the End of Winter" An amazing play set in a northern town in Japan.
It focuses on a bright actor, who decides that he doesn't want to grow old, and leaves his profession behind him in his middle age. He believes the beautiful die young, and he moves back home to the old family cinema, where we witness his decline, as dementi...a takes hold and he starts to live in his past. Words are no longer his own but lines from various roles he has played out as an actor.
He then meets up with an actress from his past, and ironically he believes it is her who issuffering from madness.
Whilst it sounds like a dark and morbid play, it isn't. It is quite uplifting, questioning identities, the blurred lines between reality and illusion, the concept of youth and life.
My only regret is that I won't get to see Alan Rickman perform the lead role, because he did that back in 1991, and I doubt there is a recording of it anywhere!

Anyway, off to make a cuppa, and whilst the sun is still shining I'm going to start on August Strindberg's play "Creditors". Yes I'm having a thespian type of Saturday

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Posh Treat Time

So today I was treated to afternoon tea at The Grosvenor Hotel in Chester. It was a special event with a talk by a local tea merchant.

I don't know whether I could become one of these ladies who lunch, I left and was still hungry. Don't get me wrong, the food was lovely, but very small portions. Now I'm not a big girl, but I do like my food!

The talk by the tea merchant was a bit of a disappointment really. He didn't seem to know much more than me about tea, he is a professional, I'm an enthusiastic amateur. I tried chatting to him about the teas I've tried in Prague, and could he recommend anything new for me to try. He said no and started chatting to someone who liked the colour of the herbal infusions he was also trying to sell! Oh well, back to Prague if I want a proper conversation then!

Seeing as I haven't got much to say about this event without appearing whiny, I'll leave you some pictures with the very tasty (but tiny portioned) food!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Little Chaos

Just a quick post to say I went to watch the film A Little Chaos tonight. (This has nothing to do with the fact that Tom's Godfather, Alan Rickman, was in it... oh ok it is because Alan is in it, but I've been a fan of his even longer than I've been a fan of Tom's!)

Loved the cinematography of the film. A lovely gentle period drama. The story was lacking in places, but the costumes and the way it was filmed was absolutely beautiful. A great way to spend the evening.