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Three Strikes and You're Out! (Box Clever Challenge - September)

I know this is going to seem a strange choice as a classic read, but I’m sure when Agatha Christie wrote her crime novels they weren’t seen as classics at the time either. When I heard that Tom Burke would be portraying the role of Cormoran Strike in the BBC’s dramatization of the Robert Galbraith novels my heart sank. Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym of J K Rowling.  I remember years ago trying to “get into” the Harry Potter novels. I managed 3 and a half books before giving up. I did not like her style of writing and I did not care for any of her characters. They lacked substance; her imagination was good, but the delivery was lacking. I had grown up reading Alan Garner, C S Lewis and Susan Cooper, these were authors who could transport you and make you care about characters; there was a plot and a straightforward narrative.  I told Tom I would watch him and support him in the role of Cormoran Strike, but I wouldn’t be reading the books. He didn’t seem too perturbed about my co