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The Keating Sisters on a Road to Hell.

Sometimes you can be blind to what is in front of you. I live in a beautiful part of the world and really take it for granted. If I think about going anywhere I always make excuses that places are too far away, it's too long a drive, I'll have to get up I tend to go to the same old places time and time again...because it's easier to do so, and because I'm lazy. Yes I said it. The idea of getting in the car and exploring somewhere new is too much trouble for me. My friends dad was celebrating a special birthday last week. He had hired a cottage in Y Rhiw on the Llyn Peninsula, and I had been invited to join the family. The Llyn Peninsula is in north-west Wales and it is surrounded in land by the Snowdonia National Park. There are many beautiful sandy beaches to explore in the area and whilst you may think that they have nothing to offer on a wet and windy day, you'd be mistaken. The sight of the stormy waves of the Irish Sea crashing down on rocks is so