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Posh Treat Time

So today I was treated to afternoon tea at The Grosvenor Hotel in Chester. It was a special event with a talk by a local tea merchant. I don't know whether I could become one of these ladies who lunch, I left and was still hungry. Don't get me wrong, the food was lovely, but very small portions. Now I'm not a big girl, but I do like my food! The talk by the tea merchant was a bit of a disappointment really. He didn't seem to know much more than me about tea, he is a professional, I'm an enthusiastic amateur. I tried chatting to him about the teas I've tried in Prague, and could he recommend anything new for me to try. He said no and started chatting to someone who liked the colour of the herbal infusions he was also trying to sell! Oh well, back to Prague if I want a proper conversation then! Seeing as I haven't got much to say about this event without appearing whiny, I'll leave you some pictures with the very tasty (but tiny portioned) food!!