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Missing Julie - by Kaite O'Reilly - Theatr Clwyd 17th Sep 2021 (Preview)

Theatr Clwyd - 2020 Regional Theatre of the Year. It’s easy to see why. During the darkest days of the pandemic, the theatre not only got involved with the local community, but it continued to strive to help creatives in the industry. An opportunity to stream several free online readings whilst the theatre curtain remained drawn was also grabbed. On 5/11/2020, a reading of Kate O’Reilly’s brand-new play Missing Julie was aired. Over a coffee in the theatre, the foundations of relocating Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie to post-war Wales had begun to take shape. Performed by Sophie Melville (The Missing, The Pact); Tim Pritchett (Casualty, Black Mirror); and Victoria John (Miranda, Little Britain) I enjoyed the reading and looked forward to a time when the play would grace the stage of Theatr Clwyd. Set in a Welsh stately home in 1921, just after the First World War, Missing Julie is described as a modern adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Whilst the story has moved to a century