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The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh

It’s not that often that I opt to read teenage fiction, but when this gorgeous book cover dropped in my inbox, I couldn’t resist giving this short but engaging book a chance. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea  (Due for publication 22nd February 2022 by Feiwel & Friends) is a magical feminist retelling of the classic Korean legend of Shim Cheong, the Devoted Daughter: The myth states that Shim Cheong’s mother died when she was born, and her father was blind and unable to work. One day her father was crossing a bridge when he fell into a river, a passing monk saw the man drowning and jumped into the river and saved him. The monk told the blind man that if he offered Buddha three hundred seoks of rice, he would regain his eyesight. The blind man could not afford to buy so much rice, but when he told his daughter, she knew what she had to do. She had heard that some sailors would pay good money for a girl as an offering to the Sea-God. Rather than tell her father the truth, she t