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I've met Tom Burke...and He's Lovely :-)

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have met Tom Burke!!!!! Will I ever get over this? (Possibly... when I'm about 90!) Breathe woman breathe! It was an amazing experience queuing up waiting for the doors to open to the event. People were dressed in the most fabulous costumes. For the die hard Comic Con fan it must be such a highlight to dress up and meet your favourite stars. People were stopping them to have photo's taken with them, they were possibly more popular than the actual stars! Once in the actual convention centre I headed straight off to get my photo done with Tom. Sadly I was so excited I couldn't do anything other than squeal! I think I almost leapt on the poor fellow, throwing my arms round him and beaming brightly. This from a woman who HATES having here photo taken! Seriously, there are hardly any photo's of me in existence and I don't even know if or what he said to me. I was so oblivious and happy to be within his presence I just entered th

OMG I'm off to Comic Con

So today I have headed down to London Town! I'm going to Comic Con tomorrow. I have NEVER done anything like this before... and the only reason I am going down is because Tom Burke will be there (Luke Pasquelino and Mamie McCoy are also there... sorry but I am going to meet Tom). I am beyond excited, and what's even nicer is I will be meeting up with a few Burketeers I met in April, and a new Burketeer, who comes from my home town, although she moved down south a few years ago! As it costs a fortune to travel to London, I have decided I should make the most of things and visit a couple of exhibitions today. My hotel is across the road from the Imperial War Museum, and they have an exhibition on 40's fashion. I love vintage fashion so it was nice to see a 40's exhibition. It wasn't too large and concentrated more on the uniforms and "make do and mend" era of the decade rather than the end of the decade and the decadence of Dior, but it was really intere

Parc Guell

Got the bus up to Parco Guell, another Gaudi masterpiece. It was soooooo hot. It was scorching, the sun was relentless and there was hardly any shade. I was hoping moving out of the city and up the hill would be a bit breezier, but no. Hot hot hot! The parc was interesting, but there were too many people, too many queues and too many dodgy traders trying to flog you stuff. I didn't want to say anything, but secretly I was hoping we might go for another cup of tea, yes I am somewhat obsessed! Anyway, prayers answered, my friend suggested it. Get in there! My tea disliking friend wanted to head back into the city and sit in the cool tea shop with something to eat and drink! Good excuse to go and get some more tapas too!!!

Barcelona & Time for Czech tea!

I'm in Spain. Not been here before, and I'm looking forward to the next few days. The hotel is really nice, and in a quiet part of town. It's nice to be away with someone, makes going for food a bit more fun as you're more likely to try something new! We met a really lovely local couple who gave us the heads up about the area in the first restaurant we sat down in. They asked what we were interested in, and gave us an itinerary and a note of good places to eat. I thought that was so lovely of them to take the time and trouble to ensure that we didn't waste time trying to find our bearings. We knew where we wanted to go, and they pointed us in the right direction! The architecture here is stunning. It is a bit like walking around Prague, look up and you will see some beautiful stonework. Unlike Prague, a lot of this is obscure and modern! Above is Casa Batllo shown in the day, and then when lit up at night. Sometimes known as the house of bones or h