OMG I'm off to Comic Con

So today I have headed down to London Town! I'm going to Comic Con tomorrow. I have NEVER done anything like this before... and the only reason I am going down is because Tom Burke will be there (Luke Pasquelino and Mamie McCoy are also there... sorry but I am going to meet Tom).

I am beyond excited, and what's even nicer is I will be meeting up with a few Burketeers I met in April, and a new Burketeer, who comes from my home town, although she moved down south a few years ago!

As it costs a fortune to travel to London, I have decided I should make the most of things and visit a couple of exhibitions today. My hotel is across the road from the Imperial War Museum, and they have an exhibition on 40's fashion. I love vintage fashion so it was nice to see a 40's exhibition. It wasn't too large and concentrated more on the uniforms and "make do and mend" era of the decade rather than the end of the decade and the decadence of Dior, but it was really interesting, although not glamorous!

I then travelled down to the V&A to make a new friend and see an exhibition about shoes (Pleasure and Pain). It was a stunning exhibition showing gorgeous shoes by Vivienne Westwood, Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. The glass shoes from the recent film Cinderella were also on show, but what made me and Nikki scream like schoolgirls and start taking photos? Yup, an old pair of Musketeer boots! Seriously there is no hope for us. It really broke the ice as we tweeted the designer of the show the boots we had seen!

After the V&A I said I could do with popping to Fortnum and Masons to replenish some of my tea supplies. As I was crossing the road I fell over my feet (I was sober and wearing flats shoes) and I just landed flats on my face in the middle of the road! Nikki looked traumatized whilst I lay there screaming grab my phone, don't let it get run over. Seriously all someone needed to do was get a can of white paint and draw a line around me. I looked like a body on CSI!

Well after getting over the initial embarrassment, I thinks that cemented the deal on us becoming good friends, and something she can always laugh at me about!!

I was reunited from my other Burketeer friends as we met up for our dinner (Nikki and I obliviously sitting next to the restaurant drinking tea, we had to ask the waitress where the restaurant was and she pointed to a door a few feet away from where we were sat.)

Anyway, need to get some sleep, seeing Tom tomorrow ;-)