Friday, 3 July 2015

Time for Tea

Oh yes. I might be in Barcelona, but I've found a Czech inspired tea shop, Caj Chai. My friend found it, but she's not a big fan of tea, but after spending the morning in the searing heat and walking around the cathedral we both headed off with map in hand to find the tea shop.

We started speaking to the owner, and we asked what had got him interested in tea. He said he had been in Prague for sometime, and that is where he learnt all about the stuff, then he came home and opened his tea shop. I spoke to him about Prague and he recommended another shop for me to try next time I am over there. He also recommended somewhere in London, hmm I think it's easy to guess which place I'm more likely to get around to visiting!

Anyway, my friend decided to take herself off for a walk whilst I sampled a rather special 40 year old Oolong tea. I had to tell the owner what tasting notes I could decipher when drinking it. I got them right thankfully. It was such a lovely experience. As I was leaving I remembered my hero likes tea, and I'm set to meet him in a few weeks, I'll take him a business card. You never know, if he ends up filming in Barcelona he'll need to know where to get a good cuppa from!!!

So today, apart from tea the other highlight was a trip to the Sagrada Familiar. Work began in 1882, and it's still not finished. What is there though is totally amazing. We went to the top of one of the towers and it was great to have a birds eye view of the city. As you walk around the outside of the building you can see different styles, from the old ornate gothic Nativity façade, to the more modernistic Passion façade.

The inside is glorious as the sunlight streams thought the stained glass windows, and upon looking closely, a couple of Musketeer references could be seen! Gaudi is buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familiar.





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