Burketeers lunch and a thank you from Tom!

I have never been part of a fandom before. I'm not sure if this group of people is normal or not, but we are such an inspiring bunch of people. We have raised thousands of pounds for charity, started an online shop, created a magazine, and made so many friendships, not just online, but actual bothering to travel to meet people, here and abroad. It is amazing really when you think about it. Most people would laugh at a group of fans, call them crazy, but I really feel like I've made some genuine friends.

Today I headed out to lunch with the friend I met when I was down in London. We went to a local pub, had lunch and spent nearly 5 hours gossiping. It was as if we had known each other for years, and it wasn't just Tom and Musketeer talk either, it was proper chatting. Such a lovely afternoon, and so nice to know that London wasn't a one off!

And just when I thought a nice day couldn't get any better... Tom has sent a thank you video to his fans!!!! How thoughtful is that?! We sent him a birthday present, and he has taken the time, and a lot of trouble to video a thank you message to us, and he's taken his birthday book back with him to look at whilst he's working on The Musketeers. I'm feeling more than "prolifically energised" now Tom! I'm so glad I watched POW all those years ago. I couldn't have chosen a nicer human being to become a fan of!!!!