# Reasons to be Happy! Part 2 A Natter with Tom!

Morning after the night before! Was sat up until nearly 3 am boozing and gossiping, so why am I up before 8 am and embarking on making cups of tea for the household?!

Well the best laid plans of mice and men have been totally thwarted. I was going to go and see a Punk exhibition at the Barbican, then a Russian Art and Literature exhibition, then a quick trip to F&M to restock my tea supplies. My mouth feels like a dried up sock and at 10 am I decided that I would follow my friends to the V&A for lunch instead! Still we got to look at a theatre exhibition before wending our way back to the flat and ready to visit the theatre again. (I can't believe I am doing this, I got a ticket last minute and now feel slightly foolish going to watch the same play two days on the trot).

In the flat I started to be convinced that seeing the play again in a couple of weeks would be a good idea...I could hear my voice saying no I couldn't...but...........ohhhh how weak can I be????????

Anyway, I watched the play again, and I'm not sure if it was where I was sitting, but I didn't think the audience were as good as the first night. It was great watching for the subtle differences that had been added to the play from the night before. (At the moment the play is being tweaked with before the press night.) Neil LaBute was about, and as it was his birthday I handed him a birthday card as he now knew about Burketeers. We had a quick chat and then I left him with his friends.

I rode into a tree, and fell under a taxi

The group in the bar tonight is a bit smaller than the previous night, we headed off towards the tables near the door again and sat around chatting. I could feel someone's presence behind me but took no notice until this voice said "hello". I turned around and looked up at Tom! It was wonderful, he stood and chatted with us about various things. My friend Cheryl said to him that the audience were laughing at all the wrong places. Tom said "were they? Are there right places?" This opened up a discussion where Tom told a story of a man catapulting over his handlebars, he thought it was hilarious and I was sniggering along because I find that sort of thing funny too. Cheryl said "No that's bad Tom", and he said "yes I know." Then I said to Tom "Cheryl didn't laugh when I told her I rode into a tree!". Tom looked at me incredulously. "You rode into a tree???" I should have put his mind at ease and told him the horse was fine, but Cheryl butted in saying "she's fallen on her head that many times it explains her subsequent behaviour, just remember that". (Cheryl has adopted my finger wagging stance when telling Tom off!) Tom just grinned at me and said he'll remember that! I'm not sure that is the best thing in the world to be remembered for!

I then said that before London Comic Con I had fallen face first in front of taxi. As I was sprawled on the floor screaming at my friend to retrieve my mobile (full of Tom pictures, it's priceless) the taxi driver didn't look very happy with me! On reflection I really shouldn't have agreed to the glasses of Prosecco, I will tell people the most embarrassing stories about myself!

Somehow I remembered that I had promised someone that I would ask Tom about Henry VI, something that he had filmed with his dad for the Shakespeare "Complete Walk". He said it was a scene he had done previously years ago in a prison, and that they filmed it in Yorkshire where the original battle was played out. It is the scene where a father finds he has killed his son, and a son finds out he has killed his father...so plenty of tissues at the ready when I watch it on the 23rd/24th April! I asked Tom if he had gone to Betty's tearooms whilst he was filming in Yorkshire. He looked bemused, he hadn't heard of Betty's...and he calls himself a tea drinker! Even Maimie McCoy has tweeted about Betty's!!!

Tom eventually left the theatre and it wasn't long after that, that we were evicted again, very happy, and perhaps slightly squiffy! Actually when I looked at What's Ap the next day, Cheryl had posted a quote from me at 12.49 am, "I am absolutely plastered!"