The Frocketeer - Making Dresses!

I heard the designer Hayler Nebayer (BBCs The Musketeers) refer to a dress she had designed for the character Constance; as the "Frocketeer". I rather loved that term, so I'm stealing it for the title of this entry!

Some people have asked me why I'm not around on Twitter or Facebook anymore. Well the honest answer is I've been too busy (let's face it, even the blog posts are few and far between!) I'm not one to sit around much, I like to be busy, and since going back to work I've found that I've been having difficulty in keeping up with all of my various commitments. Somethings had to give and I'm afraid unless I'm tagged in a post, then I'm missing a lot of Twitter and Facebook.

Now, some people when they see something, they feel inspired but they never give it a go. I'm not sure why. Fear of failure, too bone idle... I'm not like that! I see something and if I'm inspired and I can, I will give it a go. Well that was how things were towards the end of the TV series The Great British Sewing Bee! I suddenly decided to get my sewing machine out and I've been doing a lot of sewing over the last few months. I still have loads of fabric in a huge pile to get through, but I thought I'd share some of my recent endeavors here with you. (The photo's are not great - my work space is rather dark and even outside it was getting ready to pour down, so the dresses have been thrown rapidly onto the mannequin and pictures snapped!)

Spots before my eyes....

Front and back views of polka dot pencil skirt and ruched halter top, and a classic 50's style "swing" tea dress (all fully lined)

Getting all ruffled!

Vintage Ruffle Fabric shift style dresses 

One For All...

Left over Fleur de Lys fabric inspired me to make a musketeery type top! (The core fabric was used to make a lined circular skirt)

Tom's fav...& a teepee! 

Two dirndl skirts. (Look at that for pattern matching!) Tom was complementary about the first skirt...I daren't imagine what he'd make of the second!

So that's it for now. I'm currently seeing what I can do with 15 metres of taffeta. I have my sketch book at the ready...and I think I have an idea or two!!