Doke Black Fusion Hand Made Organic Tea

Not for the first time have people pointed out that my blog is subtitled TEA, Tom and Time for a Good Book, and that whilst I write and post pictures about drinking tea, other than a few items I wrote for the Tom Burke On Line Magazine, I don’t actually write about the tea I’m drinking. So for those of you who have collared me, I have listened; so as I sit reading or writing, I’ll make a few notes and tell you a little bit about the tea I was drinking at the time.

So, let’s start with what I drank today, Sunday 9th July, whilst writing about the theatre production Common, and reading Perfect Remains by Helen Field.  

Doke Black Fusion Hand Made Organic Tea

1tsp of tea per 200ml water – heat water to 95C, steep for 2-3 mins.

This was a Christmas present a few years ago from a good friend in Canada. She sent me various teas and I promised I would let her know what I thought of each one…via my blog. Better late than never is what I say, so today’s tea is from Bihar, India.

The tea when dry has thin, wiry, twisted leaves with a sweet, floral fragrance. When you add water, it takes on a beautiful orangey/red colour and you can smell the various depths of flavour. The tea is not harsh, but it is strong bodied, and whilst it is slightly dry, it doesn’t leave an astringent feel in the mouth. It has a soft earthy taste, slightly sweet and buttery, with elements of dark fruits such as plum/damson and a touch of malty spiciness.

It is a high quality tea which can be steeped up to three times and is very drinkable. Doke Black Fusion is hand-made black tea from the family owned Doke Estate in Kishanganj, Bihar State, India. It’s a lovely tea and one I would highly recommend. It was an inspired choice as a present.

The leaves after infusion

Decanted into the pot for drinking