Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hello Pembroke!

I'm not really one for long distance driving, I hate motorways, but there are no motorways to Pembroke, it's all small winding roads, and I really enjoyed the drive. A dry sunny day, and the views were spectacular as we drove through stunning scenery of the welsh hills and valleys.

Headed into Pembroke just in time for lunch. The hotel we will be staying in is the Old Kings Head. The hotel is apparently one of the oldest in Pembroke, if not the oldest. It has deeds going back to the 1500's! It was a great quirky building with friendly staff. We had lunch, and then as it was a nice day wandered up the road and spent the afternoon looking round Pembroke Castle.

It was great. All the children were back at school so we had the castle almost to ourselves! A great find was Wogan's Cavern, a natural limestone cave underneath the castle. There were 55 slippy steps to descend to view it, but all good Burketeers know how to handle slippy steps!

As we had had lunch at the hotel, we thought we'd try a local pub (The Waterman's Arms) for dinner, and we sat outside on a terrace overlooking the Mill Pond. A relaxing evening, eating great food, and supping a few well earned pints of Guinness!

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