Tom Burke Online Magazine, Issue 1

I was on the Tom Burke forum page and someone suggested setting up an online magazine. I think my holiday has made me think I'm invincible; I've agreed to help out!

Wow, being a Burketeer is really taking me back to places I had long since forgotten, drawing, poetry writing, reading, and now possibly magazine articles! Everyone is so creative and inspiring it's taking me back to places I had forgotten!

I suppose though logically, if you have nothing to write for, you're not going to write... so the fact that someone needs someone to do research and write articles for their online magazine means I have a purpose!

At this point I'm going to explain that being a Burketeer has created some great opportunities for me. Running a house and doing an 8-5 job each day wears you down, and when you're getting no help off your other half, you have no time to do things which take a lot of time to do. All my "hobbies" are time consuming. Drawing, dressmaking, gardening, reading, writing, they're all things you need to spend a few hours at a time doing. Not half an hour here or there!

Somehow my individuality disappeared, I don't know when or how it happened but I stopped doing the things I really enjoyed. Anyway, the Burketeers had been raising money for charity, and decided to open an online shop selling musketeer inspired artwork. Seeing as the BBC hasn't got any merchandise for sale, the online shop starting doing well. I had tweeted a sketch I done when I was a bit bored at work, and people seemed to like it, so I did a few sketches more and put them in the shop. It seems they were popular with people... I'm just not used to people being complimentary about my work!

So I'm harking back to my journalism degree! I am going to write articles for an online magazine. Probably means my new blog is going to take a backseat. See I knew the idea of a blog was not going to work!

Here's a link to the Burketeer shop, money raised is going to the charity Operation Smile.

I am going to re-post articles that I have written onto my blog, as I know I have some friends who are not interested in signing up for the magazine, but they are still interested in what I've written!!!

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