I just can't be happy todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I'm back from watching The Damned in concert! Oh what a fabulous night, I can't sleep I'm still so excited.

I loved The Damned when I was growing up. I was a Goth who would go to Afflecks Palace in Manchester with my brother and seek out beautiful vintage black lace dresses, (for me not him!). Oh such happy times, and they really were. People think Goths are dull suicidal people because they wear black and must be unhappy. Not at all. I think that was the period of my life when I was most individualistic, and consequently very happy thank you very much!

So I never got to see Dave Vanian and his crew when I was young. Anyway, tonight they played this intimate venue in Chester, and me and my mate were in the second row from the front, and had he not been wearing shades we could have looked him right in the eyes!!!!

Such a fantastic night, singing along with tracks I've not listened to since the 80's/90's and I could still remember the words! Oh happy days. It was so good I've got tickets to the Albert Hall gig to celebrate 40 years of The Damned! I think the pint of cider I had has gone to my head. Oh my poor neighbours, I've dug out some old cd's, they should thank their lucky stars I don't have a record player anymore or I'd be dragging my old vinyl out of the loft!