Back in Blighty

Well it's been a good week and now it's back to reality, whatever that maybe! Washing, food shopping, generally getting back on track before going back to work! Seriously, this wasn't supposed to be happening, I'm supposed to be a lady of leisure now, oh well I have the weekend before bracing myself for a week of hell! Whilst I might not like my job, I still cannot believe they chose to close my office down and keep the other one open. The staff are on the phone continuously because they have no idea what they are doing. I do feel sorry for them really. My branch had really complex Trust funds to administer, whereas the other office only dealt with standard Trusts. To have all of this dumped on them can not be good, and I can't see this area operating long before it gets closed down either. Such a shame as it was should a great service and profitable part of the business. Still them in their ivory towers know best!!!