Last Day Blues in Prague

Feeling a bit depressed actually. I've actually enjoyed my week here in Prague despite being on my own. I truly didn't know if I had it in me to spend a whole week in my own company in a foreign land, but I've done it and really enjoyed myself. I mean there have been a few times I've got a bit lonely, but I soon shook that off. If I'm honest the only thing that I have found difficult is eating on my own. Somehow having lunch out was fine, but when it came to eating at night I felt really self-conscious asking for a table for one! Stupid I know, and to be fair I was still given nice tables with a view rather than being shepherded into a corner, but it still felt strange!

So today it's Convent of St Agnes day 2 and a great art exhibition downstairs. Whilst there are a lot of screens set up to display the paintings, you can still see the actual building, and more importantly where some of the filming has taken place! Whilst I was going round the exhibition I took notice of two paintings in particular. One looked very much like a scene between Athos and M'lady (yes I have a one track mind), the other was just purely lustful thoughts about changing the model in the painting to Tom Burke!!!!!

Then it is off to the river to sit and eat my final meal before heading (slowly) back to the hotel for my chauffer to pick me up and take me to the airport. Had a great chat with him for most of the journey and it was interesting to hear him talk about the changes that have taken place in Prague over the years. He asked what music I was into and I said I still liked really old bands like The Cure, The Strangler and The Damned. Apparently The Cure were liked in Czech Republic and he proceeded to tell me all about the days before it was easy to pop into a shop and buy a record. It really opened my eyes how easily us Brits have had it compared to countries that were under Communism.

Plane is going to be over three hours late. Three hours at Prague airport. Not happy, could have spent more time in Prague pottering about, and no-one at Jet2 knows what is going on. They are so unhelpful. My car park token had better work when I get back to Manchester, I'm not fighting with a stupid parking machine just because my plane is late and I've overstayed my welcome!

Just change to Tom Burke

Athos and M'lady???