In Search of a Musketeer - Chateau Dobříš

Woohoo!!!! Today I am taking a trip out of town and getting the bus to Chateau Dobříš, a rococo styled mansion which has been used in both series of the BBC production of The Musketeers. I've never been obsessed with a TV show before. Not sure what is going on here, but my favourite books have been turned into a TV series, not an adaptation, new storylines, but the essence of the characters has been kept very much alive and I just can't get enough of it! I suppose casting my favourite actor (Tom Burke) as my favourite literary character (Athos) has got nothing to do with my obsession!!!
So I met up with Marie and we got a bus out of town to Dobříš and located the chateau, and the first thing I noticed was that the colour of the building is different to the one on screen. We had a guided tour around the building, and had to wear these huge slippers over our shoes so that we didn't ruin the wooden floors! Our tour was in Czech, but that didn't matter, I had some notes in English, it was just a wonderful experience to walk around the house and go into rooms that I recognised from my TV screen!!

Walking round the garden was another great musketeer experience, and I walked along the tree lined avenue where Aramis announces he is leaving the musketeers! Seriously you'd think I was about 10! There is a large park surrounding the house, and we noticed signs saying the park would be closed over the next few days. Hmm it looked as though the place was to be used for filming, and as we walked through the woods we saw some old style carts being watched over, definitely looked musketeery. Going to have to watch series 3 with extra vigilance!!!

Got the bus back "home" said goodbye to Marie, and yes you guessed it, I stopped off for a pot of tea!