Feed Me! Seymour!!

Went to watch Little Shop of Horrors at Clwyd Theatr Cymru tonight.

I remember watching the film back in the 1980's where Rick Moranis played the meek and mild botanist/florist assistant and Steve Martin put me off dentist's for life!! I have never watched the stage version, and to be honest I wasn't sure whether a theatre that doesn't have the same budget as London or the major cities would be able to pull it off. I wasn't worried about the ability of the actors, I was worried whether Audrey II, the bloodthirsty plant, would be a showstopper or not!

The play revolves around a florists shop on skid row, and is a story based on unrequited love, a mad and abusive dentist, and an ever growing carnivorous talking plant! It is a very easy storyline to follow, so it's best just to sit back, relax, and enjoy some belting show tunes!

Seymour, played by Daniel Boys (who has been in the West End production of Spamalot, and currently sings the theme tune to the Australian soap Neighbours) is in love with Audrey, an assistant in the flower shop. Audrey, is dating a psychopathic dentist who treats her badly.

Seymour creates Audrey II, a plant the size of an orchid and he accidentally finds out that the plant has a taste for blood! As the plant grows and grows, it needs more than just a few drops of blood to keep it alive! I must admit the various Audrey IIs were brilliant, and the animator Michael Humpreys (War Horse) should be credited for complimenting the rest of the cast rather than upstaging them which could so easily be done, especially when Audrey II reached the size of the shop!

Whilst it was only a small and mainly inexperienced cast, it kept me entertained for the duration of the show, all the singers were impressive belting out song after song. I imagine it won't be the last we see of any of the performers on the stage that night.

Clwyd Theatr Cymru should be proud of itself putting on such a big and entertaining production. The sets and costumes were impressive, especially at the end when the main cast are dressed as giant flowers singing Don't Feed the Plants! By the finale it is clear that although it is a rather eccentric production, people who watched it were leaving with smiles on their faces, thoroughly entertained!