Thursday, 8 October 2015

Upto the Castle

So last night I had finished my drawing of Aramis, nearly finished Tom, started Tom as Athos, nearly finished Tom as Lt Race, started a colour version of Tom, and scribble something in pencil that might resemble Tom and his horse from the show. Very pleased with myself that I seem to have got somewhere. During the week I have also "artified" my scrabble boards so I feeling somewhat smug. I also only have one play left to read in my Tom play challenge, and that is in a Shakespeare compendium at home! Speaking of which, starting the book Pronouncing Shakespeare, all about an experiment to perform Romeo & Juliet at The Globe theatre in Original Pronunciation instead of RP (and yes, Tom was playing Romeo!)


Tom Burke

See I said I get more done here than at home. I'm ignoring the fact I still haven't done any writing, but Rome wasn't built in a day and all that!

Well it is raining today, and I mean raining. This is new to me. I wanted to go to the castle to buy Christmas decorations (they have a lovely shop up there, but I always felt wrong buying in the summer so I've left it, October isn't too bad though is it?!) Oh sod the rain, I've find a route through Letna Park and the Royal Garden which might be ok. There is a hood on my jacket and I can dry off later. I have never been this route to the castle before, and I've not been through the gardens. It's a much nicer way up to the castle, must remember this for the future, I bet in the summer with all the flowers in bloom it is a delight. Got my Christmas baubles, 2 are like swans, 2 eggs, and a bauble. A bauble for each visit, plus 1 extra!!!! I also decided to buy another umbrella. My one at home is a little worn, so it will always come in useful!

Once I had done the castle I walked through the Strahov Modesty complex and down through Perrin park to go and have lunch and try out another teahouse I have heard good things about. Today's teahouse is Čajovna Bílý jeřáb on Štefánikova. The set up is more like a café, but the tea and food is amazing. The smells and ambience is great and welcoming and the person who served me handed me the daily special menu (in Czech) and translated it for me. Tea was Boa Zhong Top Grade, a type of Oolong Tea, and lunch was Japanese Fried Noodles with Smoked Tofu. Incredibly tasty... both items!!

Royal Gardens
Royal Gardens

Royal Gardens

Royal Gardens
Royal Gardens



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