Going to Pinon

Meeting up with my friend this afternoon. We have heard that the set that one of the episodes of Musketeers was shot at is a short metro ride away. So we are going to see it! The episode that I call Athos' episode was shot at a former tourist attraction. Apparently it was a medieval village with blacksmith, and old traditional crafts. Sadly it appeared to have closed down and was only used by film crews now.

But first, as it is such a beautiful day I am going to the park for a wander, a beer and a bit of drawing. I fancied a beer in the park yesterday, but it was so busy with the runners I decided against it. I love sitting in Letna Park with a beer. Not only is it a bout 70p for a pint, but it's in a plastic cup, so you can take it round the park with you. So I headed off to Bakeshop first for a sandwich and cake, then made my way to the park for a quiet morning. Today I shall finish Aramis, and start a drawing of Tom Burke. There is a lovely photo of him taken when he was doing a radio recording of Cyrano de Bergerac. Gorgeous. Hoping I can recreate something that looks ok in black and white.

So drawings almost finished, I headed out of the park to meet my friend from work. We got off the metro and walked down to where it was. It was a strangely deserted place, bar for a rather dodge looking character who was lurking about. Oh well, forget about him, I was going in. My friend didn't come in with me, and I so I had a little wander around taking photo after photo of the various buildings trying to remember which scenes had been filmed in which buildings etc. It was so exciting, I couldn't believe my friend was not experiencing this excitement with me. I then looked at my phone and she had texted me to say on her travels she had found a sign saying private property keep out (written in Czech of course). Oops I thought. Well in my defence, the way I had gone in there were no signs saying anything, but I thought better get out of there. It was so good though to see an entire set that the majority of a whole episode had been filmed at. Normally it is buildings that a bit here, and a bit there, has been filmed at. This was Athos' village, and my feet had trodden where his has too!

Had a lovely walk through a few neighbourhoods before finally getting the metro back into town. Well after all of that excitement, there was only one thing left to do... go and have a restorative pot of tea!

The Pub at Pinon

Inside Pinon!

Trees Athos lent against!

A last look at the village before saying goodbye