Time to go home...

So I'm sitting at the airport in Prague waiting for my plane home. I love the flights out here. I get the earliest possible out on a Friday, and the last one home on a Thursday, which means I get 7 days of ambling, and only pay for 6 nights accommodation!

It was another rainy day today, so bag dumped with the porter at the flat, I decided to have once last amble around the town. I ended up near the Jewish Synagogue, and there was a couple of exhibitions so I went for a look. I think because I have been round so many places now, it made reading up about the history of the Jews in Prague more interesting. I understood which areas people were talking about, some I thought "I've been there". I think if I'd gone around that exhibition last year it would just have been a jumble of words to me, informative, but not as interesting as I found it with the accumulated knowledge I have gleaned over time.

As I left I saw a sign... Čajovna, so I went and tried another teahouse! Čajový klub Cha Dao Orijin Tea on Jeruzalémská. This was the most formal yet, and I'm glad I was there on my own! I was served tea, and then finally left to myself, but it was like a proper tea ceremony. There is a large drip tray in the middle of the table, and no thermos this time, no I had my own kettle! I sat, I read, I drank as much tea as my bladder could cope with and then I left to grab a sandwich from M&S and a wander up to Charles Square as the rain had abated.

I then had time to wander around Wenceslas Square and went into some of the bookshops there and some quirkier shops! Funny, in the last few visits, because I didn't want to buy anything, I didn't go around the shops. This time, because I wasn't desperate to do anything, I was happy to wander in and out of shops, exhibitions, churches, pretty much anything. Was this a waste of time, or just an acceptance that I finally felt comfortable here, I didn't need an excuse anymore, and I didn't need the "I'm a tourist tag", I could finally just do my own thing as if I was back home!

Hmmm, shame I've just worked this out as I'm about to leave!

Jewish Synagogue

Posh tea!

Last tea at Dobra Čajovna until next year!

At the airport, kind of sums up the week!