Sunday, time for church

So I don't go to church normally. I am probably the worst (5 times over) Godmother ever! I go for weddings/funerals/christenings. So, here in Prague, my friend who sings in a choir has invited me to church. I checked out where it was, and it's a residential area I haven't been to. So it was an opportunity to see somewhere new, and to experience a Czech church service. It's not like I have lots to do today! So off I went.

It was a lovely morning, sun shining, and I made my way through Letna Park, which seems to be setting up for some sort of race. The church was magnificent, and I positioned myself in a pew towards the back of the church, not the very back, but I thought enough for me to be able to slip out if it gets too stressful for me. Please bear in mind I don't speak Czech, and I don't know the normal etiquette , so I was pretty much like a fish out of water!

The service was fine, I stood up when everyone else did, sat down when everyone else did, and the choral singing was exquisite. Only one problem. The church was packed, and I was hemmed in by people to both the left and right of me!  The priest then said something, and all of a sudden everyone around me started shaking each others hands, me included. I think this was the point that my cover was blown and everyone suddenly realised someone who doesn't speak a word of Czech was trying to involve herself in their church service. They all smiled at me, so I guess it showed I was welcome!!

I had a quick hello with my friend, then I wandered back through Letna Park and to the flat. Grabbed a bit of lunch and then because it was a beautiful day, headed back out again, to the other side of Prague, to Vyšehrad. Went into the Church of St Peter and St Paul. Beautiful ornate paintings on all walls and ceilings. Couldn't make my mind up if I wanted beer or tea, after having an immense debate with myself I decided it was time to head to a teahouse, and not my usual haunt!

Now, each time I go to Prague, I have wanted to visit a specific tea room, which I always went past in the morning, and it doesn't open until 2 in the afternoon. Today I have put matters right and visited
Čajovna U zlatého kohouta on Michalská. I am glad I made the effort. This is going to become a favourite because they have some very nice saggy chairs I can read in. Plus it is hidden down a corner so not going to be too busy. Had a nice pot of white tea, and read one of Tom's plays. Have I said I have made it my mission to read all of his plays? I started to do a couple of reviews on Facebook, and someone said I do a review for each play, so I've set up a new page just concentrating on his plays!