# Reasons To Be Happy! Part 4

Nooooooooooo!  I hear you shout. You can't be serious?  Yes I am. I am addicted. I don't know what it is, but the more you see Tom, the more you have to see him again!

So, this morning, we managed to pack, talk about Tom, go to breakfast, talk about Tom, get our phone map app working and head towards Hampstead Heath, whilst talking about Tom, get to a cafe and order tea, and talk about Tom, waddle towards the entrance of the park, get a taxi and head back to the theatre!

In the theatre we meet up with a load of other Burketeers, and as I'm sitting and chatting I notice an older couple try the doors to the theatre to get in. Now the Hampstead has those electric doors where you need to press a button for the doors to open, and this couple hadn't noticed, so I jumped up as I was near the door and hit the button for them. OH MY GOD! I'VE JUST LET TOM'S PARENTS INTO THE THEATRE!

Now when I was young, I remember watching Sherlock Holmes with my mum (it wasn't so long after that, that she died, so they are quiet poignant memories) and Daddy Burke played Dr Watson at the time I was watching the series. It was therefore epic for me, watching them walk into the building, not only as Tom's parents, but as people I'd admired in my childhood in their own right. I did behave myself though, fortunately I had really lost my voice by now and I didn't want to kill them with my germs, so I just watched as they said hello to other Burketeers and carried on about their business. I was sat a few seats behind them as they watched Tom take to the stage and I honestly can't say who I more interested in, Tom or his parents! After the play Tom came out to take them to dinner, and it was a joy and a privilege to see just how proud of their son his parents were, and just how much he obviously loves and cherishes his parents. Call me a soppy ole sod, but I do love it when you see such a connection between parents and children. Maybe it's because both of my parents had died by the time I'd hit 33 and I never really got that much of an opportunity to get to know them that I found it so nice to watch. I know I get so exasperated by people who constantly complain about their parents, yes I know that not all parents are perfect, but who is? One day they won't be there, and then it will be too late for you to decide you want and need them, or wished that you'd been that little bit more understanding of them.

So it was another trip to the play, another amazing experience, and another drunken trip home...yes, we had Prosecco, we even tried asking Anna Calder-Marshall if she wanted a drink with us...well if you're going to be a good Burketeer, you need to be able to drink Prosecco!!!!